2016 Spotify Favorites

I always get so hyped about Spotify’s personalized reports at the end of the year.  Though 2016’s report was less comprehensive than last year’s, I still want to comment on the results.

minutes2016-number-of-artiststracks-2016I used to be an avid album-listener, but this year I got caught up in a lot of catchy singles and didn’t focus on any particular artist.  Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist helped me a lot with this.  My minute-count is low because I got a 3-month trial of TIDAL for attending Made in America.

spotify-artistscoldplayttpldrmuseamColdplay wins again!  (For like the third year in a row. 😛 )  I’m ecstatic that my Lana del Rey love has really shone through this year.  Usually my top lists only feature white British bands, which doesn’t reflect the variety in culture and gender of my music.

Other shoutouts: Troye Sivan, Lin Manuel-Miranda, and The Last Shadow Puppets.  In the fall, I fell hard for Rihanna and Chance the Rapper.



Okay, “Misbehavin'” is simultaneously a bumpin’ but emotional song.  And I’m not even embarrassed about “Work from Home.”  Talk about an immaculate jam.  I feel like “One Dance” was just an earworm that I played on repeat more than I’m proud of.2016-genres






And these are my genres!  This year I really got into pop, but in the next year I’d like to explore more of the alternative music I love.  I’ve got an Arctic Monkeys, Surfer Blood, and the xx album to look forward to — and hopefully much more.  For now, I’m just chilling to this playlist that Spotify curated for me :



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