Monthly Me (Dec. ’16)

The beginnings of my Decembers are always good to me, thanks to my birthday and budding holiday spirit.  In recent years, though, I usually experience a mid-December slump.  This year it came in a flood of schoolwork, but the low sense of self-worth didn’t hit me until after Finals.  Still, the holidays have sufficiently cheered me up, and I’m just hungry and hopeful for a fresh start.

Selections from my Camera Roll


My Birthday

I was very touched by the thoughtfulness of my new friends.  I was treated to a midnight cake-and-champagne celebration, two dinners with friends, a sweet poster from my roommate, a Kate Spade mug, a #relatable angry emoji pillow, and CAKE.  ON.  CAKE.

On Saturday I was in my friend Cathy’s room to retrieve my last package of cupcakes.  As I was about to depart, she said, “It’s so nice seeing you overcome your insecurities and realize that people really do love you,” she said.  I couldn’t reply except stare at her with wide, glistening eyes.

Getting LIT

December’s party life was probably the best so far.  Not only did frats provide delicious seasonal mixed drinks, but I was pretty responsible about drinking, too (I had one unpleasant accident last month).  I successfully struck that post-buzzed but pre-dizziness euphoric state all three times I went out.  It really is all about drinking slowly and pacing yourself.

I kind of mixed it up, kept it flexible.  On my birthday I went to a Korean bar with my floor and had a much better experience than the first time.  I also had fun nights with a new mix of friends I’m trying out.


After those two lit weekends, it was time to buckle the fuck down.  I remember many long hours in Fisher Fine Arts library and Starbucks, much caffeine consumed.

I worked hard, for sure.  But for some reasons I wasn’t freaked out, and I took care of myself often.  Like, I didn’t lose much sleep, I spent a night exploring study spots in the city, and I treated myself to a delicious Starbucks-and-bagel meal the day before my math final.  And I certainly didn’t bomb any exams, but I still can’t determine if I am too chill about my academics and too easy on myself.  I mean, if I toiled more, I should’ve gotten better results, right?  Because I didn’t do great.

And that’s kind of where I am right now :  disappointed in myself and apprehensive for the challenges ahead.  I am eager to redeem myself, though.


This month my TIDAL trial expired, and I happily jumped on board with Spotify Student Premium.  Oh, Spotify, how I’ve missed you.

During an angsty moment, I randomly remembered that the Strokes exist and that “Someday” is one of the best songs of all time.

You see alone we stand, together we fall apart…

This is also a great song and remix :

If you and I are the ghosts, how I want to take you home…

Snippets of Internal Monologue

  • “That whole make-out session was nice, in italics.”
  • Why do people who want to talk to each other don’t talk to each other?
  • I want to be his first choice.  I say that not in a narcissistic way — but because everyone deserves to be somebody’s first choice.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine is priceless, as usual.  Killer cold opens recently.

Too-Relevant Tumblr Posts

Tell me all about your Decembers, and I’ll see you next year! ❤



2 thoughts on “Monthly Me (Dec. ’16)

  1. Shalom says:

    happy birthday for your birthday! man, i hope it was lovely. i don’t know if it’s out of place to say, but reading your monthly me posts over this year really shows how much you’ve grown: as a person and a fangirl. speaking of, i need to stary B99 immediately. here’s to you and the growth the new year will bring. x

    • mich1202 says:

      Aw thanks Shalom! I always appreciate your support for this series. That’s an interesting observation; were there any particular trends of growth that you noticed? 🙂 i feel pretty much the same, except a little wiser. and YES you should watch B99! have the best year.

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