Theme: Happy

Unthreaded words, pictures, and tumblr posts about my current #mood.

Amazing, nice, and healing things that friends said to me:

  • “You were too real for him.  Too good.”
  • “You’re growing up.  You’re doing college right.”
  • Me: Thank you for listening to my story.
    Linda: Oh, I liked hearing it.  I think you do everything right.


I think maybe the secret to living is storing little pockets of happiness across your life, in many hiding spots.  That way, if a certain aspect of your life disappoints you, you still have a mosaic of reservoirs to find joy in.

The most important reservoir, however — the fullest and richest one — should be in yourself.


This has been true ever since I got to Penn, but I can’t help feeling it and declaring it: I love seeing those two tall, blue-glass buildings in the distance whenever I’m traveling around campus.  The sight awes me — and, for some reason, it makes me ache with gratefulness, every time.

I’m bursting at the seams with happiness.  I admire my looks, laugh at my own jokes, feel pride in my work, pamper myself.  I’m in love with myself again — but I’ve never fallen quite this deeply before.




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