Glimmer of Hope

For my school newspaper, I was covering a panel about reproductive justice.  One of the panelists said something that changed me a little.  She said, “One of my priorities is to consistently and unapologetically be proactive on my word.  Just because the political climate changes, doesn’t mean that my goals and my values change.  Regardless of who’s in power, regardless of who my constituents are.  What I need to do as an organizer is to change conditions to make sure that happens.  We forget how powerful and impactful people power is.”

Not that I’ve done enough to call myself “politically active” in my youth, but ever since the election, I’ve felt pretty discouraged and defeated politically.  Not just because a mouthpiece of intolerance and hate was elected as president, but also because with a Republican-dominated legislature.  But what she said occurred close to the pulling of the ACA-repeal bill in Congress — close enough that it feels like the events are holding hands, and uplifting me into hope and high spirits.  It feels like something is finally going right.

I realized that I was wrong to have feelings of surrender.  If I had dreams of activism, of creating a better world, then I should still do that — even if it is harder than I initially imagined.





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