Monthly Me (Mar. ’17)

March!  I’m glad you’re finished.


What even happened during March?  Well, I went back home for a week during Spring Break, but a profound wind storm caused the longest power-outage I’ve ever experienced, so I went back to school early.  It gave me a good excuse to get out of the house, though.  Back at school, I had a wild St. Fratty’s Day weekend with my favorite guy friends.  I volunteered in the pit orchestra for the light opera The Sorcerer.  The Penn meme’s page finally stepped up, and we’re now in a golden age of college Facebook memes.

I had some academic slip-ups, but I’ve been really prolific with my school newspaper.  And I’ve been having the shittiest time at work…So, it was a decent month, but I don’t really feel like I grew that much.  Which is fine, because it’s only a month, and progress is never constant.  But I feel like I’m in a post-…something… limbo — waiting for the next era, my next sign.


I’m not above love, I just ran out of air.  

Relatable content

You were always perfect, and I was only practice.

I feel like I’m evolving and moving on, in many ways — this song fits that mood, like the closing song of a movie.


Snippets of Internal Monologue

  • “I love confrontation”
  • “Do you believe in signs?”



  • “Angry react” Spongebob memes



After Spring Break I watched the film Before I Fall with my friend.  It was silly at times, but it still shook me.  Really great cinematography and soundtrack, too.


My British literature class read The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot, which destroyed me.  Awesome quotes-post to come!



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