Monthly Me (April ’17)

Aside from some personal melancholy moments, April is perhaps the most lit month so far.  Formal, Spring Fling, general late nights.  Things fell in place as summer housing and study habits aligned themselves.  Now I gotta buckle down and study for finals…

It’s not hitting me yet, but everything seems to be ending so fast.  That’s ok, because I’m excited for the summer, even for the next semester.

Fun things

  • First time I participated in Holi!  Got way too much blue on me!
  • First time I’ve been on a yacht! (For my dorm formal…or dormal as you may say)
  • Saw ZEDD and Tinashe live!!!  In the pouring rain!
  • Partied hard!

Snippets of Internal Monologue

  • I think about Ratatouille at least once a week
  • I don’t belong to anyone, but I’m for sale.
  • I prefer contemporary, post-modernist memes.



Porter Robinson

I was at a frat party with a live DJ and they wouldn’t stop playing this one artist.  Kinda weird, but I was into it.  I was shazaming this song just as the chorus burst out — and so did rainbow orbs from a bubble machine


Snowdonia, the stars blink when you laugh 

I tried to attend Surfer Blood’s concert, even though it was at a 21+ bar and I didn’t have a fake.  The (nice) bouncer turned me away, but at least I got to learn Northern Philly’s subway system.


  • I have a crush…on the Kappa Sigma fraternity’s dog.
  • Idk…thinking about how much I deserve love and affection?
  • Covered some great articles for the DP


In English class we breezed through our last books: Story of an African Farm and Dracula.  Didn’t quite finish Drac, but SAF has some killer quotes, even if the rest of the novel didn’t make sense to me


My fave comedy show, B99, came back 🙂




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