Summer Plans

Hey!  Some exciting announcements.

After my last final exam of freshman year (!!!), I’m flying straight to Amsterdam to visit my sister, who works there.  Then I think we’re visiting Budapest and a few other places before meeting my parents in Spain.  We’re seeing Madrid, Seville, Granada and Barcelona.  

Then I’ll finally be back home for a few days before going back to Philly to work.  I’m working in the lab of my old bio professor to study cell division.  I’m super excited to have a summer on my own in the city.  Eight of my friends are sharing an adorable sublet with me, and a lot of people I know are staying in Philly, too!  I’m so hyped I can barely believe it’s all happening.

I’ve been a bit distracted from this blog because of school, but I solemnly promise to return after my vacations, with full gusto.  I have a lot to say about finishing freshman year, books, and life in general.  Needless to say, I’m excited to share the next chapter of my life with you.



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