Summer 2017 Bucketlist

So far, summer has consisted of me learning how to live like an adult and adjusting to working life.  But I also want to make sure I carve out time to fulfill more personal and frivolous goals.  

  • Visit NYC
    • Take a cheap megabus, meet up with friends, relive the unique thrill of traveling alone
  • Write something long and memoir-ish
    • lots to reflect on from my first year of college
  • Visit museums
    • Revolutionary War Museum
    • Lots of lesser-known house museums!!
  • Visit Philadelphia’s historic district
  • Philly’s Magic Gardens
  • Six Flags
  • Listen to new music!
    • I miss sinking into whole discographies!  First on my list is Lorde’s new album ofc.
  • Watch a few good shows
    • I have the newest season of OITNB to see and I wanna try Sense8!  Also pumped for the new GoT album, too.
  • Longwood Gardens
  • Different parks in Philadelphia (instead of going to the Schuylkill River dog park all the time)
  • Bike to the art museum
  • Read
    • currently slowly going through Pride and Prejudice
  • Learn to cook something impressive
  • Find my favorite dog on Instagram in the Schuylkill dog park
  • Find a flattering lip color

I want to know my city and myself better by the end of this summer!  I’m also determined to post at least twice a week from here on out, so you’ll hear all about it.



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