Hello!  Welcome to my first blog post about my May trip to Amsterdam/Budapest/Spain.

In this incredible vacation, I collected mementos very lightly, but mostly because I was so concentrated on living in the moment.  In many ways, this was my first travel experience as an independent adult, so there was a lot to relish at the time.

Still, I picked up a few things to remember this special trip by.


Flanking the sides, two brochures from museums I visited: the House of Terror in Budapest and the Royal Palace in Spain.  I enjoyed many fascinating museums on my vacation and it was probably my favorite part.

Going inward, a magnet of a flamenco girl.  Flamenco was probably my favorite sight of Spain.  A hand-painted tulip magnet in my favorite color, a reminder of my magical visit to the Keukenhof gardens and my love of flora.

In the center, a unique Christmas ornament from the Budapest market and two postcards.

Isn’t she cute?  She’s made out of some dried seed material.  And the postcards are actually some of the best I’ve seen.  So nicely styled and designed.  They show famous balconies in Budapest and Hungarian porcelain (the latter which admittedly I did not see for myself).  They’ll join the collection of travel post cards I’ve collected for my college dorm.

And yes, the souvenirs are indicative that Budapest was my favorite city of this trip. ❤

That is all for now; but as you can see, I’ve been reminiscing on my journey and ready to write more.  So stay tuned for stories about my European adventure.


Click here for posts about my Greece/Italy trip last summer


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