Monthly Me (July ’17)

This month I felt productive: in work and in fun and in growth.  July started with a trip to New York City, to visit my sister during the Fourth.  I had the fortune to see the holiday in both of my cities: fireworks over the Delaware river, fireworks nearly blocked by skyscrapers.  New York is an amazing city — but I love Philadelphia more, and it loves me back.  

I had a lot of fun weekends with friends — we visited Six Flags and Atlantic City.  I finally started doing well at my job, and wrote better for the Summer DP.  I got a second job, which I hate, but at least I can now prove that I’m not lazy.

I went on a date for the first time in — three years?  I think I fucked up.  I think I put too much pressure on myself.  He was enthusiastic before it, very withdrawn afterwards.  The phlegm of rejection and loneliness filled up my lungs, made me cough and stay in bed.  I visited Rochester to see friends and heal.  I think the lower humidity helped me recover.  Anyway, I feel more grown-up afterwards, and somehow less obsessed with finding a relationship.  I don’t think I’ll ever explain my emotions.  I think I just observe how they toss me around; I write it down.


I ain’t been getting high — well maybe a little baby I don’t wanna lie.


A summery record whose matching tone of sadness saved me, a little.


Game of Thrones, naturally.  I like watching on Sundays with my friends.  I feel like it’s progressing excruciatingly slowly, and that some moments so far have a weird sense of humor to them, but 7.3 was one of the most iconic episodes that I can remember.


  • Hilarious and frequent FaceTimes with my friends back home
  • Taking pictures of my growing sunflower plant
  • The 70 degree weather in the last week of July
  • Writing in my journal
  • Solo adventures
    • Visiting the Woodlands Cemetery
    • Biking to the art museum
    • Visiting Clark Park
    • Seeing the Museum of the American Revolution
    • to cafes

Hard to believe that August (and school!) has approached so soon!  I will definitely miss this summer.  I’m going to try to be as busy socially and for my internship as I can, and then I’m going to relax and self-reflect more when I go back home before school starts.  Let me know how  your month went!



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