It’s me!

32349421_1485945594861283_8100753089889304576_nI’ve had the longest break from WordPress I’ve ever taken since I’ve started this blog.  It’s weird because even when publishing that last ominous post, I had no intentions of changing my blog activity — no little voice in my head thinking I should go on HIATUS.  Yet here I am…five months later.

Looking back, there were direct, sudden causes and cumulative causes.  The direct ones: I recently became an editor at my school newspaper, which has taken up most of my writing energy, as well as free time.  Also, in December, I had a medium-sized emotional breakdown — all my insecurities about having a love life in college crashed down on me, pretty much.  I think my feelings were short-circuited for a while.  I remember a conversation in January with my roommate:

Me (flatly): I just feel super depressed.

K: Like, depressed depressed?

Me: Not sure if it’s long-term, depressed depressed.  I guess I’ll let you know.

Luckily, I did feel better by the time February started, and I’ve actually had one of my favorite semesters at Penn so far.  (But the way I feel emotions has changed, thus my coping methods — writing — have changed, too.) Continue reading


Teenage Manifesto

In one week, I will be twenty years old.

During my teens, I would be kept awake by the thought that I would forget what it feels like to be young.  Maybe it’s narcissism, but I think that adolescence is an incredibly formative and dynamic time that deserves attention.  I vowed to write as much about teens — real and fictional — to document the experience.  Aside from narcissism, I think this was also an act of self-preservation: I could feel myself being replaced by incrementally older versions of myself and the memory of What it is Like to Be Michele at This Second blown away like forgotten dust.  In each moment of my life, I desperately did not want to lose the version of myself at that time.  I guess this is another way to say that I’m afraid of dying. Continue reading

Monthly Me (June ’17)

June, a landmark month in many ways: it was my first time I was responsible for my own rent, food, and employment.  Adulting is hard!  I spent most of the month merely adjusting to the new independence.  I’ve enjoyed myself immensely, but I’ve also already learned a lot within these few weeks.

Continue reading

Summer Plans

Hey!  Some exciting announcements.

After my last final exam of freshman year (!!!), I’m flying straight to Amsterdam to visit my sister, who works there.  Then I think we’re visiting Budapest and a few other places before meeting my parents in Spain.  We’re seeing Madrid, Seville, Granada and Barcelona.   Continue reading