Monthly Me (June ’17)

June, a landmark month in many ways: it was my first time I was responsible for my own rent, food, and employment.  Adulting is hard!  I spent most of the month merely adjusting to the new independence.  I’ve enjoyed myself immensely, but I’ve also already learned a lot within these few weeks.

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Monthly Me (Jan ’17)

Safe to say I’ve had an emotionally distraught start to the semester, for a variety of reasons.  But I healed myself, surrounded myself with the right people, and at the end of this dark January, I feel more like the bouyant, happy girl I was last semester — just a little more grown up now.

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Goodbye, 2016

“New Years” never really meant that much to me.  “My life is determined by school years, not by successions of January Firsts,” I used to say, and New Years Eve always fell awkwardly in the middle of a school year.

With college sliced into two distinct semesters, this may be the first time New Years actually indicates a transition for me.  Not only a transition to new classes, but a transition from a naive and exploratory first semester of college to a more focused and directional second.

At the same time, I’ve never experienced a year so sharply dichotomized.  I mean, the first half was the triumphant, pressure-free closure of my high school career.  In the second half, the doors of my little town burst open to Penn, to Philadelphia, to the world.  Continue reading

Monthly Me (Dec. ’16)

The beginnings of my Decembers are always good to me, thanks to my birthday and budding holiday spirit.  In recent years, though, I usually experience a mid-December slump.  This year it came in a flood of schoolwork, but the low sense of self-worth didn’t hit me until after Finals.  Still, the holidays have sufficiently cheered me up, and I’m just hungry and hopeful for a fresh start.

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Monthly Me (Nov ’16)

NOVEMBER :  though October was the hardest for me academically, November was the most emotionally-challenging month yet.  I had a hard time dealing with the uncertainty of current events and my future (lol what is a major/career?)  But I spent time with good people and beautiful places, gradually restoring my life force.

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Monthly Me (Oct ’16)

Happy Halloween, and here’s my monthly round-up!

October was mostly positive.  After a mind-blowingly amazing Fall Break, I had the shittiest week of academics ever, but the storm has since blown over.  I often don’t do as well as I should, but I’m still being kind to myself.  I treat myself to tasty drinks.  I sleep and shower even if I “don’t have time.”  I once spent a few hours just making apple cider donuts.  It felt so therapeutic.

The biggest distinction from last month is that I’m forming routines and close groups.  Though I still don’t have enough friends from outside my dorm, I’ve gotten really tight with certain groups, like my Bio Buddies and B99 Watching Party (both Facebook groupchat names), thanks to weekly rituals.

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Made in America ’16 (Day 2)

Day 2 of the Made in America music festival.  More independent and slightly juicier than the first day.


I started with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros at the main stage.  I never heard of Edward Sharpe until this event, but I loved how he interacted with the crowd.  He let one fan freestyle rap to one of his songs and asked audience members for stories.  Good vibes all around.

I visited Travis Scott next.  Now, I haven’t listened to a minute of Travis Scott, but I heard someone claim that he’d rather see Travis than Kanye, which I considered a serious claim.  So I stuck around near the back of the crowd, even when Travis insisted that “anyone who’s not here to crowd-surf or rave: get out.”

His fans heeded the encouragement.  People started tossing water (?) bottles, flinging themselves on top of the audience, and climbing a scrawny tree awkwardly standing in the middle of the crowd.  I thought people were going batshit crazy.  Not yet.   Continue reading

Made in America ’16

Last weekend I went to Made in America in Philly!  Yes, it was my first music festival ever, and yes, I saw Coldplay for a second time.  And it was awesome.

The lead-up to the festival was actually so stressful.  I barely knew any artists besides the headliners, and the lineup times weren’t announced until mere days before.  Who was I going with?  How was I supposed to navigate the city?  I interrogated a friend, who simply said, “I’m gonna get there and then have fun.”

College kids, man.

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