Frat Parties : Favorite Moments

  • Simply getting past the bouncers (easy for me, since I party in groups of girls) gives a small thrill, a sense of accomplishment.  Then you walk through the door and the cool evening air is suddenly multicolored, steamy, and music-throbbed.  This promise of a fun night is the best welcome.
  • Whenever “Mr. Brightside” comes on.
  • If there’s a tasty drink, you request it and enjoy how it warms your belly.
  • Whenever “Stacy’s Mom” comes on.
  • You’re having a GNO, and your girlfriend is hitting a note/striking a pose particularly well.  You ayyyyy in her direction and cheer each other on.  (You also strategically block any creepy guys trying to break into your tight circle — and gossip and laugh about it afterwards).
  • Whenever anything by Ke$ha or Fifth Harmony comes on.
  • You’re looking around, surveying the possibilities.  You’re not repulsed by the guys, but no one strikes you either.  Then there’s that wonderful moment when you randomly meet eyes with a boy, and you know.
  • Perks of loud parties :  A guy tries to talk to you and you’re like, “What?”  Then he repeats, leaning his face really close to your face — you’re both tipsy and sweaty and happy…
  • There’s that cusp between flirty friendliness and physical connection that is sacred, holy.  It’s often a wordless moment, yet much is unsaid and understood; solemnly, you abandon the empty small talk and gravitate toward each other.  Hips align and lips meet.
  • French kissing and lip biting.  Oh my goodness.
  • Whenever any beloved song comes on :  people scream within the first few notes and start jumping up and down excitedly.  Soon you’re all belting every word and singing as one entity.  It’s off-key, primal, basic — it’s beautiful.




  • You don’t know him that well.  He doesn’t know you that well.
  • He’s great, but he’s not perfect.  He’s not everything.
  • You don’t have to unfold a whole story in one text.  Chop it up and stretch it out.  Let him respond to each bit.  Keep it light.
  • 63611393126172239385803881_hades
  • At no point do you have to say :  “I like you.”  This is college.  Intimacy and friendship and romance (can) mingle together.  You don’t have to declare anything at each boundary.
  • Chill tf out.
  • It would be nice to date him.  But it’s not the end of the world if you don’t.  You have options.  (Fun options).

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Monthly Me (Dec. ’16)

The beginnings of my Decembers are always good to me, thanks to my birthday and budding holiday spirit.  In recent years, though, I usually experience a mid-December slump.  This year it came in a flood of schoolwork, but the low sense of self-worth didn’t hit me until after Finals.  Still, the holidays have sufficiently cheered me up, and I’m just hungry and hopeful for a fresh start.

Selections from my Camera Roll


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Monthly Me (Nov ’16)

NOVEMBER :  though October was the hardest for me academically, November was the most emotionally-challenging month yet.  I had a hard time dealing with the uncertainty of current events and my future (lol what is a major/career?)  But I spent time with good people and beautiful places, gradually restoring my life force.

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I Already Hate “Instagram Stories”

Maybe we should’ve seen this coming after Instagram changed its logo to that ugly-as-shit sherbet monstrosity, but this is a new low.

If you don’t already know, Instagram has updated with a new feature: Instagram Stories.

Hmm.  Sounds awfully familiar.  Wait, did Instagram swallow and steal Snapchat’s thunder, like the mischievous little pink Kirby it is?  Just to make sure I wasn’t jumping to conclusions, I made a picture for my Instagram story (that I never posted). Continue reading

Monthly Me (July ’16)

July: late mornings under the covers, days in the car with friends, and nights with owls and Netflix.  This month was so relaxing and comfortable.  In a sense, I felt truly free.

General Life Updates:500 likes

  • Registered for first-semester fall classes
  • Reached 500 likes on WordPress!
  • I’ve been trying to pin down some volunteering and shadowing opportunities at various hospitals, so I had to be tested for tuberculosis.  When my PPD test came back positive, my life became an irksome hell of paperwork and phone calls.

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Nerve (Movie Review): The Responsibility of Observors

So, for once, I’ve actually watched a film on its premiere date, completely by accident.  Now I’m able to tell you whether this movie is worthy of your weekend, or worthy of a first-week box-office flop.  Nerve‘s a teen movie (woah — I’m a teen!), so I can also size up how realistic and how relevant it is to our internet generation.

For an overall feel of the movie without major spoilers, read ’til you see SPOILERS AHEAD and a line.

Here’s a general gist of the movie since searching “Nerve” on Google shows more neuroscience than cinema.  Also, the trailer outlines most of the plot points (probably more than is prudent):

Venus “Vee” Delmonico (Emma Roberts) is a high school senior whose friends egg her on about being anti-adventurous.  This pushes her to join an online reality game with increasingly lucrative and dangerous dares.  I can only describe it as a mix between truth-or-dare, Pokemon Go, and “Do it for the Vine” culture.  As she completes dares as a “player,” she attracts a following.  This powerful yet anonymous collective of “watchers” determines the players’ dares.  During one of her dares Venus pairs up with mysterious Ian (Dave Franco) to win fame and fortune…

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Summer Lists

I didn’t give wind of this, but in the first couple weeks after my vacation, I felt rather insecure and lonely.  Recently I am feeling much better, however.  I think it’s because I’m finally pursuing stuff that I wanna do.  In summer it is too easy to let entire days go down the drain by laying around and scrolling through bottomless pits of social media.  I sure am guilty of that.

Not too long ago I watched and loved the movie How to Be Single.  The most profound message, for me, was the lesson to chase after goals that you’ve always wanted to do, instead of finding excuses to delay action.  You should accomplish those dreams for a sense of satisfaction from yourself, rather than depending on others for that warm happy feeling.

So lately, I’ve been doing stuff.  You don’t have to be jealous: barely any of it is “productive” and a lot of it is actually frivolous.  But they’re active pursuits, and I like them.  So that’s all that matters for now.   Continue reading